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Kate Lynn "Rise From the Ashes" Phoenix Earrings, Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings with Crystals from Austria, Birthday Gift with Jewelry Box, Symbol of Luck and Renewal

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Rising Phoenix Earrings symbolize rebirth and eternity, and brighten up your life with these gorgeous women earrings.

Product Details

  • ♥ Rising Phoenix Earrings ♥ Phoenix symbolizes rebirth and eternity, and is also representative of hope, brighten up your life with these gorgeous women earrings.erter
  • ♥ Jewelry Gifts for Women Teens ♥ A small gift carries heavy love. These crystal earrins are beautifully packaged with a jewelry box and ready for gift giving, Makes a surprise for any awesome lady, great gift for women or teens on Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation, etc.erter
  • ♥ Specification of the Earrings ♥ Earrings size: 0.63*1.14 inch; Sparkling Crystals from Austria; All the metals we use are lead free, nickel free and hypoallergenic, passed Swiss SGS inspection standard.erter
  • ♥ Elegant and Eye-catching Jewelry ♥ This unique women jewelry made of sparkling crystals from Austria, which reflect the light beautifully, and make the dangle earrings a fashionable everyday accessory. A glamorous addition for some important occasions or a charming gift for ladies.erter
Date First AvailableJune 16, 2022

Features & Benefits

  • Symbol of rebirth and eternity
  • Comes with jewelry box, a great gift option
  • Made of sparkling crystals from Austria
  • Lead free, nickel-free and hypoallergenic
  • Eye catching and glamorous jewelry option
  • Suitable for important occasions or as a charming gift for women

Product Description

Kate Lynn "Rise From the Ashes" Phoenix Earrings, Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings with Crystals from Austria, Birthday Gift with Jewelry Box, Symbol of Luck and Renewal
Have any Query?

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question : What is the size of earrings?
    Answer : Earrings size is 0.63*1.14 inch
  • Question : Are the crystals used lead-free and nickel-free?
    Answer : Yes, the crystals used are lead-free and nickel-free.
  • Question : Is this jewelry suitable for women of all age groups?
    Answer : Yes, this jewelry is suitable for women and teens of all age groups.
  • Question : Is it safe to wear these in the shower or in water, or will the material wear down over time from doing that?
    Answer : I’ve never worn these in the shower.
  • Question : Does product come with just one stone ring?
    Answer : It comes with one stone ring on each with little rhinestones at the top. Very pretty!
  • Question : Does this come as a ring?
    Answer : I see that have a pendant, earrings and matching bracelet, but no ring.
  • Question : Are these available in any retail stores?
    Answer : Yes.
  • Question : I am looking at the stud earrings and want to get the necklace and bracelet too. Can you tell me what the color is on the stud earrings?
    Answer : Aurore Boreale looks like the color. I just compared your studs to the dangles that looked like the same color. Hope that helps.
  • Question : Does Kate Lynn have a necklace that goes with these earrings?
    Answer : I did not see an associated necklace option. Depending on your intent, the earrings are so gorgeous they stand out elegantly and a necklace is not needed.
  • Question : Are rings interchangeable?
    Answer : Not that I am aware.
  • Question : In the picture, earrings look like they hang lower yet the hook looks shorter. Do the earrings actually dangle the length shown in the picture?
    Answer : Yes, they do hang lower. The hook really isn’t short. It is a normal size. I absolutely love these earrings and get tons of compliments on them when I wear them.

Customer Ratings

4.7 out of 5
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Kate Lynn Drop & Dangle Editorial review

Kate Lynn's "Rise From the Ashes" Phoenix Earrings are a stunning work of art, made from sterling silver and adorned with crystals from Austria. These dangle earrings are designed to symbolize luck and renewal, making them an excellent gift option for a loved one. They come in a jewelry box and are easy to wear with practically every outfit. The product has received great reception from customers. People love the design and colors of the earrings. They comment on the earrings' craftsmanship and how the colors reflect in the light. Customers also appreciate the product's price and quality, mentioning it to be a great buy. Moreover, these earrings are not at all heavy to wear and have received admiration from people with sensitive ears. There have been some questions about the product, such as if they can be worn in the shower, if the earrings have an associated necklace option, and if the colors are interchangeable. But overall, customers are satisfied with their purchase, and the earrings have been complimented often due to their elegance and beauty.


  • Stunning design
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Not heavy on ears
  • Gorgeous colors reflecting in the light
  • Great price


  • No associated necklace option
  • Colors are not interchangeable

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Kate Lynn "Rise From the Ashes" Phoenix Earrings, Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings with Crystals from Austria, Birthday Gift with Jewelry Box, Symbol of Luck and Renewal

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