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Fuzion Digital Milligram Scale 50g/ 0.001g, Portable Jewelry Scale, Powder Scale, Micro Scale for Powder Medicine, Gold, Gem, Reloading, Calibration Weight and Tweezers Included

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left_quoteMilligram scale with high precision sensors, 50g capacity and 0.001g resolutionright_quote

Product Details

  • PRECISE MEASUREMENT - Milligram scale with high precision sensors, 50g capacity and 0.001g resolution. Comes pre-calibrated, make sure the precise measurements with accuracy ±0.003g. Good for high accuracy weighing needs like jewelry, gem, diamonds, powder, pills.erter
  • MULTIFUNCTION PRECISION SCALE - The mg scale with TARE function allows you to ZERO the weight of tray/containter before adding additional ingredients. Easy pieces counting by PCS function. And 6 weighing modes( g/ oz/ gn/ ct/ dwt/ ozt ) could choose for your different needs.erter
  • ULTRA PORTABLE DESIGN - Mini pocket scale which smaller than a phone, fit for your pocket. Also the scale is come with a storage case which including weighing pan, calibration weight and tweezers. It’s like a small handbag, easy to carry.erter
  • HIGH QUALITY FEATURES - Big LCD screen with blue back-lit makes that also easy read in dark. Indicator for low power, incorrect calibration, overloading, unstable surface. 180s smart off for energy saving.erter
Weight Limit0.11 pounds (0.05 kg)
Form FactorMini
Readout Accuracy0.003 Gram-grams
Item Weight0.15 pounds (0.07 kg)
Product Dimensions4.5 x 2.56 x 1.2 inches (11.4 x 6.5 x 3.0 cm)
Country of OriginChina
Item model numberPL50
Batteries2 AAA batteries required. (included)
Date First AvailableJune 20, 2019

Features & Benefits

  • Precise measurement of 50g capacity and 0.001g resolution
  • Multifunction precision scale with TARE function and 6 weighing modes for versatility
  • Ultra portable design smaller than a phone with storage case included
  • High quality features including a big LCD screen and smart off for energy saving
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Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question : What is the accuracy of the scale?
    Answer : The accuracy of the scale is ±0.003g.
  • Question : What are the different weighing modes available?
    Answer : The scale has 6 weighing modes - g/ oz/ gn/ ct/ dwt/ ozt.
  • Question : What does the indicator show?
    Answer : The indicator shows low power, incorrect calibration, overloading or unstable surface.
  • Question : What is the minimum weight that this can detect? Can it weigh less than 1 gram, such as 25 mg or 10 mg?
    Answer : Absolutely you can, and accurately. However, the constant drift correction for the Tare function on this balance will prevent such small amounts from appearing on the display as it automatically tares to the new weight if the weight is small enough. You will have to weigh by difference in something like the supplied pan (not directly on the scale). For example, tare balance - then weigh pan and record weight - add item to be weighed and record weight again. The difference is the weight of the object in the pan. If you add the same 10mg or 25mg weight directly onto the tared scale, it will never get off of zero.
  • Question : Could this use for weighing powder for reloading ammunition?
    Answer : This scale measures down to 0.02 grains with 0.01 grain increments. It will be good for reloading.
  • Question : If I use a pan with it, how do I zero the scale with the pan on it?
    Answer : It has a tare/zero function, all you have to do is put the weighing pan on the scale, press the TARE button to display 0, and then just weigh what you want. Very convenient.
  • Question : If I want to weigh weed, will the scale dynamically show the weight change, or do I need to re-weigh it every time?
    Answer : It detects and displays a few milligrams of change based on your volume, so it will automatically change readings.
  • Question : If it takes okay do you need to calibrate it or just if you get an error message?
    Answer : I just calibrate it when is off, or if it gets banged around I will calibrate it. It is so quick and easy not really a hassle.
  • Question : Is it possible to measure micrograms on this scale? Thank you!
    Answer : No, nothing smaller than milligrams.
  • Question : What's the scale dimensions? Is it portable or not?
    Answer : The scale is portable.
  • Question : What is the minimum weight it can measure?
    Answer : The manufacturer’s literature says a resolution of 1 mg but the sensitivity is given as 3 mg. I have not tested it with a 1 mg weight.
  • Question : Should the Tare weight be the same weight as on the scale?
    Answer : Click Tare to zero out the scale. I usually put the cup on the scale then hit Tare. That what I’m measuring is accurate. Hope that helps!
  • Question : Auto off or not? Some say yes and some say no..
    Answer : It's auto off and the time can be set in 60/120/180s or never.

Customer Ratings

4.4 out of 5
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Fuzion Digital Scales PL50 Editorial review

The Fuzion Digital Milligram Scale is a portable jewelry scale that is accurate for weighing small amounts. It has a tare/zero function for easy calibration and a backlit LCD for easy reading. The scale can measure down to 0.02 grains, making it suitable for reloading ammunition. It can also detect small weight changes when weighing weed. However, it cannot measure micrograms. Some customers have reported issues with constant drifting and durability. Overall, the scale is functional and convenient.


  • Accurate for weighing small amounts
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Tare/zero function for calibration
  • Suitable for reloading ammunition
  • Can detect small weight changes


  • Constant drifting issues
  • Durability concerns
  • Cannot measure micrograms

Customer Reviews

The scale became unusable due to constant drifting even after calibration within a year of purchase.
The scale is accurate for small amounts and tare function works well. Hoping it lasts.
The scale is accurate for measuring small amounts, but it is poorly made.
The scale was initially great but lasted less than 6 weeks, despite being more expensive.
The scale is precise for measuring primer for shooting. It comes with a weight for calibration and a carrying case.
The scale is accurate and easy to read for weighing coins.
The scale is perfect for weighing gold nuggets and scraps for kids.
The scale is accurate for reloading, but caution to have another reliable scale as a backup.
The scale works well and includes batteries and tools.
The scale is suitable for weighing very small parts but lacks instructions for this. Customer service contact information is also lacking.
The scale requires a minimum weight to function properly and has limitations for counting very light parts.

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Fuzion Digital Milligram Scale 50g/ 0.001g, Portable Jewelry Scale, Powder Scale, Micro Scale for Powder Medicine, Gold, Gem, Reloading, Calibration Weight and Tweezers Included

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